Before Crossing Over


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Before Crossing Over (BCO) focuses on two acronyms representing two general, but opposite, types of individuals. The first is a NUMAWIT (an acronym)—adorably, and less formally, called a nummie. The second is a HAVEIT (an acronym)—admirably, and less ceremoniously, known as a havvie. Nummies represent those who possess a majority of unfavorable character traits, while havvies are persons whose personalities encompass a preponderance of admirable characteristics. Within each of these two groups are more specialized categories of individuals, also represented with acronyms. The first of these are called DARKAWITs (an acronym)—and they reside at the bottom of the NUMAWIT alliance. Those within the second unique group are called WITHITs (an acronym)—and they represent the exclusive, top genre at the pinnacle of the havvie group. Detailed definitions of all four acronyms are found in Chapters 2 and 3.

In BCO you will learn that nummies are literally everywhere! So who are they? Is your neighbor next door a nummie? How about your doctor? Is your psychologist one? It’s possible they all might be! Layman or professional, no one is immune to the dreaded nummie syndrome. Is your spouse, your girlfriend or your boyfriend a nummie? Perhaps… and you must also consider yourself! Discover how to identify havvies and nummies in the upcoming Chapters 2 through 11. Details within these chapters will also teach you how to identify which of the above two groups you belong. Regardless of which group you identify with, you can also learn how to make positive changes within yourself. Besides, it’s best you make those changes now, before you meet the Depurator (also see the dictionary)!

Hence, readers are hereby put on notice that everyone on the planet of Stratajem will eventually meet up with the Depurator or one of his team members. Be forewarned that these people have the ability to purify the human mind—including yours!

Havvies who cooperate with the Depurator will be affected only an infinitesimal amount when going through the purification process—which is required at some point—upon passing through the Pearly Gate. Nummies, who do not cooperate, will suffer at that time—how much they know not!!!

Reflections, mental or physical,
help us “perceive reality.”