Aptitude Chart


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“WITHITs are HAVEITs, but special HAVEITs which set them apart from all regular HAVEITs.  Therefore, all WITHITs are HAVEITs, but not all HAVEITs are WITHITs. Likewise, DARKAWITs are NUMAWITs, but a more particular NUMAWIT, which sets them apart from all other NUMAWITs. Hence, all DARKAWITs are NUMAWITs, but not all NUMAWITs are DARKAWITs. All HAVEITs have a little NUMAWIT in them, as well as do most NUMAWITs have a small portion of HAVEIT in them. Yet, there is absolutely no part of a DARKAWIT in a WITHIT.”

For those who can’t follow the jargon above, Chart 1 provides readers with additional insight. Also, in Chapter 3, you will find an in-depth description of the above acronyms.


As seen in Chart 1, the NUMAWIT and HAVEIT groups are the only two societal entities from which the entire population of the planet is comprised. Thus, every person upon the face of the earth belongs to one group or the other. Beginning with Chapter 3, you will discover how our personal character traits relegate us to one group or the other.

Chart 1 further demonstrates the direct interaction of NUMAWIT/HAVEIT character traits and our pleasant relationships’ abilities. The more nummie traits one procures, the less his/her ability to obtain a pleasant relationship. On the other hand, the more HAVEIT‑like a person turns out to be, the more capable s/he becomes to obtain longed for pleasant relationships. How do we determine which end of the above scale we belong? Chapters 5 through 7 provide readers with directions and a Scoring Chart wherewith they can rate themselves.

Read on to discover to which of the two above groups you belong! No matter in which group you find yourself, there is always room for self-improvement. Yet, if you are too torpid to make those changes, you need to check out The Depurator. For those who are too lazy or arroganartic to improve, know that HE WILL make those changes for you! However, let it be known, if The Depurator does for you what you can do for yourself, you will suffer—how much you know not!

Pleasant relationships are as
“refreshing” as a beautiful spring walk.