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An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as WAC from “Women’s Army Corps” and OPEC from “Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries,” etc. Following are oft used newly-invented Before Crossing Over… (BCO) acronyms:

BB Back Bend or Back Bender; see the BCO Dictionary.
DARKAWIT The most base, flawed and unworthy of the NUMAWIT group; see NUMAWIT, below.
HAVEIT A person, event or group of people who embrace exemplary, good character traits; see BCO’s Chapter 3.
HOB Hardworking Oklahoma Boy; See see BCO’s Appendix B (Hardworking).
ISO  It’s So Obvious; see the BCO Dictionary.
IWBY I Wasn’t Born Yesterday; see the BCO Dictionary.
MA “Mysterious Author” (of Before Crossing Over…); also see About The Author.
NUMAWIT (also, numawism) NUMAWIT: A person, event or group of people who character traits are flawed; see BCO’s Chapter 3. Definition: Numawism: a custom, trait or behavior peculiar to  NUMAWITs.
OB OverBearing; see the BCO Dictionary.
PA “Participating Assistant” to MA (of BCO).
PITH Person In The Headlights; see the BCO Dictionary.
PR’s BCO Before Crossing Over (this book).
SA Suicidal Acceptance; see BCO’s Tidbits #009.
SOP Superior Over Peons (An arroganartic mindset, See the BCO Dictionary).
WITHIT The most stately, honorable and brilliant of the HAVEIT group; see ACO’s Chapter 3.



HavKick: A HAVEIT who is a sidekick (friend, close associate, etc.) to another.
Numkick: A NUMAWIT who is a sidekick (friend, close associate, etc.) to another.
The Depurator: A fictional character with mysterious powers in a future eBook, called The Pearly Gate.


Flowers, like pleasant relationships,
make “wonderful havkicks!”