About MA, The Author

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MA is an acronym for “Mysterious Author.” Why mysterious? MA wants readers to look to the common sense writing in Before Crossing Over… (BCO). Keeping his/her identity hidden will allow readers to be more focused and unbiased.  Consequently, MA will remain anonymous for a season. If MA has any claim to genius, it’s that s/he is a HAVEIT*.

Some readers will feel that MA is too hard on NUMAWITs*, which group composes the majority of society. However, to pick on a NUMAWIT is to pick on oneself, for MA is the first to point out that everyone possesses a minimal amount of NUMAWIT traits, including MA and all HAVEITs.

Further, MA respectfully admits that anyone, even HAVEITs, can have a major NUMAWIT moment here and there. While denying a regular WITHIT* status, MA does admit to a few “knowing” WITHIT moments. This is especially true of those times when inspired thoughts led to significant parts of this work.

MA, who lives in the United States, writes about his/her own country in this book. Still, those of other nations may apply the same principles to their citizenry.

MA, a natural satirist, has, for the most part, restrained him/herself in this work. However, the nature of MA occasionally springs up from nowhere, bushwacks the reader with a satiric attack and, just as quickly, retreats into the surrounding scenery of serious writing. Readers beware!

For an early peek into our dictionary, the following definition sheds some light into BCO:

Definition: Satire 1) the use of words or phrases which express the opposite of what is truly meant; 2) literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness, often with the intent of correcting or changing the subject of the satiric attack; 3) satire is one kind of irony.

* See Acronyms

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Pleasant relationships “quiet
the soul,” as do calm waters.

Pleasant friendships are as
“harmonious” as autumn colors.