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The “A Charcter Guide” (ACG) Motto: Become a better you!

ACG Core Values: The composition of a person’s character is the sum total of the multiple, mini-traits within; thus, if we focus on improving these “inner” traits and strive to treat others with more acceptance, commitment, benevolence, empathy, competence and temperance–each day of our lives–we will reach a point where we can form a near perfect, pleasant relationship with another who is like unto ourselves.


A. Definition: nummie—nickname for NUMAWIT; Definition: NUMAWIT—An acronym for an event, thing, person or group of people where a minimum of one of the individual NUMAWIT Drag Factor scores is 6 points or more, or the total of all individual Drag Factor scores is 33 points or more. Drag Factor Component scores are determined in ACG’s Chapter 6, and those points can be tallied on the Chapter 5 Scoring Page—Chapter 5 Scoring Chart [download #2]

B. Definition: DARKAWIT—the most defective and woeful sector of those classified as NUMAWITs; scored similar to “A,” above. See ACG‘s Chapter 5.

C. Definition: havvie—nickname for HAVEIT; Definition: HAVEIT—An acronym for an event, thing, person or group of people who embraces exemplary, good character. If someone or something is not a nummie, as determined in A, above, then an automatic score of a havvie is acquired!

D. Definition: WITHIT—the most flawless and immaculate sector of those classified as HAVEITs; scored similar to “C,” above. See ACG‘s Chapter 6.

For the definition of the above acronyms, GO TO ACG’s “SOCIETY APPTITUDE CHART.


Discover the real you – Use ACG to assess your personality traits and identify which YOU ARE—a nummie or a havvie? Read Chapters 5 & 6 first, then use our eBook Chapter 4 Scoring Chart—[download page—item #2 ] to identify your core character values!

Singles – Don’t get wheedled (tricked) by someone who covers up their flawed character traits to impress you. You may think you can “read” a new relationship, but over fifty percent of those who “think they can” get duped. Don’t take a chance. Get ACG educated NOW and obtain the tools to assess those whom you date.

Newlyweds – More and more newlyweds are suffering from “commitment abuse.” Find out how to assess your marriage, and what actions to take, to avoid commitment abuse!

Marrieds doing well ­– You feel all is well within your marriage, right? However, by reading ACG you’ll encounter a higher-level, pleasant relationship—within your marriage— waiting to be discovered. For that reason, you must read ACG to assess your marriage relationship, and then use the included guidelines to rise to the occasion.

Marrieds NOT doing so wellACG will help you assess the origin of your difficulties and aim you toward possible solutions.

Do you have low self-esteem ­– Is your self-esteem suffering? ACG will teach you how to assess your character traits and determine what proper “love of one’s self” is—and how to fix it!

Is your self-esteem over bloated ­– If it is, that means you’re probably an arrogant narcissist–so why would you ever consider changing the “wonderful” you? However, if you wait too long, The Depurator will do it for you!

Why do your relationships with others succeed or fail? ACG has a new, unique answer to that question!

Post divorcee craziness and what to do about it – Spare relatives and friends the foolishness that results from unruly behavior between divorcees. Learn, in ACG, how to assess your attitude so you will know how to act and react around your old spouse at family gatherings.

➠A single female says to her male partner, “I may be a lot of trouble, but I’m worth it!” Find out why she probably is not! Guys who think they’re “big studs” are probably not worth it either! Learn how to assess both types to avoid “troublesome” relationships.

IN POLITICS – Find out how some of today’s political candidates, and their supporters, are “cutting off their nose to spite their face.” Also, learn how to assess politicians and discover for whom you should vote.

Employers – How can you select a potential “best” employee or supervisor? By the time you finish reading ACG, you’ll learn how to assess fulltime or potential employees to make correct hiring or promotional decisions!


First, ACG is a study tool for anyone seeking a pleasant relationship. For most, to be worthy of a pleasant relationships requires change within—character change! Thus, readers are often challenged with satire to trigger their inner emotions to generate personal change. In order to make these improvements, ACG provides a methodology, particularly in Chapters 5, 6, 7 and 14 through 18, for looking into the depths of the human soul. This process enables us to assess the true conditions prevailing within ourselves, as well as in others and other “things.” No one is perfect, so those who are honest with themselves WILL discover personal shortcomings.

Then, in Chapter 12, we learn how to “remedy” the above shortcomings. The extent to which we are able to overhaul our character is directly related to our ability to see and accept the truth we discover within—and the honesty to admit what we find!

As part of the first point, above, you will also learn how to assess and evaluate the shortcomings of those that with whom you have, or seek to have, a relationship. From this evaluation you will be able to determine if a “pleasant relationship” is possible.

Second, ACG is a book of “standards,” or a “bible,” for those who one day will want to go to a faraway place called Astral. Oh… forgot to mention, WE WILL ALL GO to Astral someday, whether we want to or not! How you go, willingly or kicking and screaming, depends on you! For more info, see The Pearly Gate.

Peaceful garden falls “calm” the
soul, as do pleasant relationships.

Nature and pleasant
relationships are “awe inspiring”.