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The “Before Crossing Over…” (BCO) Motto: Become a better you!

BCO Core Values: The composition of a person’s character is the sum total of the multiple, mini-traits within; thus, if we focus on improving these “inner” traits and strive to treat others with more acceptance, commitment, benevolence, empathy, competence and temperance each day of our lives, we will possess the criteria for a highly rewarded entrance—before crossing over—into the next life.


A. Definition: nummie—nickname for NUMAWIT; Definition: NUMAWIT—An acronym for an event, thing, person or group of people where a minimum of one of the individual NUMAWIT Drag Factor scores is 6 points or more, or the total of all individual Drag Factor scores is 33 points or more. Drag Factor Component scores are determined in ACG’s Chapter 6, and those points can be tallied on the Chapter 4 Scoring Page—Chapter 4 Scoring Chart [download #2]

B. Definition: DARKAWIT—the most defective and woeful sector of those classified as NUMAWITs; scored similar to “A,” above. See BCO’s Chapter 3.

C. Definition: havvie—nickname for HAVEIT; Definition: HAVEIT—An acronym for an event, thing, person or group of people who embraces exemplary, good character. If someone or something is not a nummie, as determined in A, above, then an automatic score of a havvie is acquired!

D. Definition: WITHIT—the most flawless and immaculate sector of those classified as HAVEITs; scored similar to “C,” above. See BCO’s Chapter 3.

For the definition of the above acronyms, GO TO BCO’s “SOCIETY APPTITUDE CHART.

➠THIS LIFE: BCO will help you achieve pleasant relationships with others.
➠THE NEXT LIFE: BCO can sanctify you in preparation for a quality existence in the next life.
➠IN POLITICS: Learn how to discern which politician has the best character.
➠IN POLITICS: Ascertain who to vote for or whether you should even vote. The answer will surprise you!
➠Newlyweds: Learn what “commitment abuse” is and how to avoid it.
➠Marrieds doing well¬: Gain an understanding of how to take your marriage relationship to the next higher-level.
➠Marrieds NOT doing so well: With BCO in hand, “bad” marriages are frequently saved.
➠Do you have low self-esteem¬: Learn about proper “love of self,” and—if absent—how it is obtained.
➠Is your self-esteem over bloated¬: If so, you are an arroganarc! Learn the definition of an arroganarc.
➠Discover the real you: BCO has a “character” Scoring Chart that unveils the “real you.”
➠Learn how to improve your character traits: BCO teaches readers how to improve their character.
➠Divorcee foolishness: Learn how divorced couples can spare relatives and friends from divorcee craziness!
➠Singles: Singles might say, “I may be a lot of trouble, but I’m worth it!” Learn why this is a substandard attitude.
➠Singles: Over fifty percent of all singles entrust themselves to a wheedler. Learn how to not be tricked.
➠Employers: Learn how select a potentially “best” employee or supervisor for your company.

Peaceful garden falls “calm” the
soul, as do pleasant relationships.

Nature and pleasant
relationships are “awe inspiring”.