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HAVEIT: An acronym (admirably known as a “havvie”) depicting a person whose personality traits are noble and of high, or quality, character.  For example, the letter “H” represents the character trait of hardworking. The letter “E” is another paradigm.  “E” is representative of one who has empathy, also a quality character trait.  In like manner, the other letters in this acronym represent other quality character traits.

Havkick: A PR-created term similar to the word “sidekick.”  A havkick is a HAVEIT who is a sidekick (friend, assistant, etc.) to another. For example, Sue is Janet’s havkick, meaning Sue, who is a HAVEIT, is also a close friend of Janet’s.

NUMAWIT:  1) An acronym (adorably known as a “nummie”) that describes a person whose character traits are between minimally lacking to grossly ignoble.  For example, the letter “M” symbolizes the word manipulating, which is only one of the seven negative character traits that typify a NUMAWIT.  The other letters within this acronym also symbolize other inadequate character traits; 2) An event, thing, person or group of people whose individual NUMAWIT Drag Factor score is 6 points or more, or their total Drag Factor score is 33 points or more. Drag Factor Component scores are determined in PR’s Chapter 6, and those points can be tallied on the Chapter 4 Scoring Page. Download our Scoring Chart here!

NOTE:  Go to the Download Page of this website to download, for free, a questionnaire that will help you determine to which of the above groups you (or anyone or anything) belongs!

The term “PURE LOVE” is also discussed at length in ACG.  The resultant narrative therefrom likely sheds a different meaning on love than most of us have ever considered!  The following brief discussion gives readers some insight as to what can be expected in the eBook’s “Chapter 17, Pure Love.”

For example, society’s typical viewpoint is that any one person is just as loving as any other. While politically correct, that simply isn’t true! In ACG, we are taught that love is not a character trait that’s equally possessed by anyone and everyone.  Rather, the ability to love is a resultant bi-product of a person’s character!  Therefore, to gain insight into another’s personal character traits is to simultaneously gain insight into their ability to love!  This thought should bring to mind another question.  What about our own personal ability to love others? What can we do to increase the quality of love we extend to others?

In ACG, we also are taught that we not only can, but we should also be responsible for improving our own personal character traits.  Therefore, as we seek HAVEIT character traits and perfect them within ourselves, we are concurrently increasing our own ability to love others more perfectly! Thus, the more refined our character, the greater our loving capabilities. Logically, it’s easy to envision that HAVEITs, when compared to NUMAWITs, are more capable of sweet, affectionate lovingness! Moreover, to be a HAVEIT is to be eligible to be another’s havkick!

How will you know if, by chance, you come across a HAVEIT? Perhaps they will be wearing a havkick hat or shirt! They might even be wearing a havkick pendant or be drinking from a havkick mugHowever, don’t be fooled, because to wear our Cafepress “HavKick apparel” does not make one a HavKick. More importantly, certain types of “time tests” will identify fraudulent HAVEITs!

Loving relationships, HAVEITs, havkicks and more will all be exhibited in a new eBook that is soon to come forth, written by MA. It’s called “The Pearly Gate.” Will “The Depurator,” in The Pearly Gate come for you…? Yes, he will! Eventually he will come for everyone! Check out “The  Pearly Gate” to see what he’s all about!

Garden falls and pleasant
relationships–both are “eternal in nature.”
Pleasant relationships or autumn
reflections–both are “miraculous.”