Pleasant Relationships (PR) Downloads


1. Read PR (for free) on Amazon.Com—on your PC: GO HERE and then click on "kindle edition" on the bottom edge of the PR book cover—to read the first few chapters.

GO HERE to watch for random sales in the future. The start day of all sales features a sale price of $0.99!

Read through the first 3 Chapters for free, in either of the above links, by clicking on "kindle edition" at the bottom edge of the book cover. This.

2. Read PR (for free) on Barnes & Noble (B&N):  GO HERE and then click on "READ INSTANTLY" Not for Sale on B&N at this time. Leave a note on our "Contact Us" page if you would like to see PR on B&N.

3. Chapter 5 Scoring ChartDOWNLOAD FREE "PR Chapter 5" PDF Scoring Chart & PRINT for FREE.

4. AVAILABLE—in the FUTURE: Download an Auto-Scoring APP…. which will replace the Chapter 5 PDF Scoring Chart, above.

5. AVAILABLE—in the FUTURE: Read "The Depurator," instantly on Barnes & Noble or Amazon. A sequel to Pleasant Relationships, The Depurator will also be available. Watch here for the release date.


6. Download a FREE eBOOK READER APP to read PR—for PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones, iPads or Tablets. Following are four different eBook Reader websites—each with FREE APPS for reading multiple eBook formats, i.e., NOOK, KINDLE, etc. These apps are your responsibility for choosing, downloading and installing. We recommend using the Nook or Barnes & Noble app. If those don't work well for you, try the "Sonny" or Calibre apps—both of which work to read either Kindle or NOOK eBooks.

A)   AMAZON: "KINDLE FOR PC" — a reader app for your PV 

B)   CALIBRE READER PC reader app

C)   BARNES & NOBLE NOOK PC READER APP —  After clicking on this link, when the next page comes up, click on the Blue Free Download Nook for PC Button and save the download file named "bndr2_setup_latest.exe" to a place of your choice. Then  execute that exe file and load "Pleasant Relationships" for viewing.