Pleasant Relationships’ (PR) Downloads

1.  CLICK HERE to go to Amazon.Com and view our eBook BEFORE CROSSING OVER (BCO) to the Other Side.” Once there, you can read through the book’s Chapter 2 FOR FREE or, purchase & download the eBook

2.  CLICK HERE  to Print a FREE PDF Scoring Chart from Chapter 4 of BCO.

3.  AVAILABLEin the FUTURE: download an Auto-Scoring App...which will replace the Chapter 4 PDF Scoring Chart, above.

4.  AVAILABLEin the FUTURE (THE PEARLY GATE): Upon its completion, you will be able to obtain “The Pearly Gate” (TPG) from Amazon.Com. TPG is a science fiction sequel to “Before Crossing Over…” Watch here for the release date. Estimated release date: Prior to Thanksgiving, 2016.

5.  Use the following link to download a FREE eBook reader for your PC.

A)   AMAZON: “KINDLE FOR PC” — a reader app for your PCFREE