What’s the Drag Factor score of your favorite politician, another political candidate or the news media outlet you watch the most?

Based on one’s character, a Drag Factor(DF) score determines if a person (or group) is a NUMAWIT or a HAVEIT.

The higher their DF score, the more likely they’re a NUMAWIT. Such a determination reveals one of poor character, and these persons may not be trustworthy!

How high is your Drag Factor Score?

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Are you a HAVEIT? This term is an acronym. Thus, If you are a HAVEIT, it means you are Hardworking, Accepting (realistic), Valiant, Empathetic, Intelligent (commonsensical) and Temperate. "Ah yes", you say, because you have some of each of those in you sometimes. Not so fast…. because you first have to pass the NUMAWIT test prior to becoming HAVEIT qualified. Yes, the term NUMAWIT is an acronym also. The terms of this acronym are "Nonaccepting (unrealistic), Uneasy, Manipulating, Arroganartic (a PR-invented word that combines the two character traits of arrogant and narcism (nar sism) into one word; i.e., Ned is an arroganarc, meaning that "Ned is an arrogant, vain-glory self-lover."), Wheedling, Insolent (rude) and Torpid (lazy)." Read PR to discover what you are, and if unhappy with that result, how to become what you want to become!

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