What’s the Drag Factor score of your favorite politician, another political candidate or the news media outlet you watch the most?

Based on one’s character, a Drag Factor(DF) score determines if a person (or group) is a NUMAWIT or a HAVEIT.

The higher their DF score, the more likely they’re a NUMAWIT. Such a determination reveals one of poor character, and these persons may not be trustworthy!

How high is your Drag Factor Score?

The term pinhead, Mr O’Reilly, lacks the sophistication and definition that your news program deserves…

For example, the definition of pinhead refers to stupid or foolish people. You need to upgrade to the acronym  Continue reading

The terms “trust and respect” have nothing to do with “loving your enemy!”  Love of others does not require that we trust or respect them. Indeed, Christians are admonished to love their enemies—this is true. However,  Continue reading

Thank you Glen Beck! Your “change in programing” and futuristic “story telling” is what… we’ve been trying to get to for about the last 5 years!

Our motto is: “Become a better you!”

However, being a little MA and PA website, we haven’t had the money to really advertise or push our website… and our drive to pursue our personal dream waned until… until we watched the Glen Beck program today! Continue reading

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Working, working, working….. yes, we've been working so hard to get our eBook up to date, our website finished, plus get the next eBook out. Yet, we have to admit we've neglected our PR blog. We have great ideas for getting you involved here in the future, but for today, it's work, work, work!

Food for thought? Why don't you become a better you! To "Become a Better You" is our motto, and is a call to read our "PR, A Character Guide." Give PR a chance and we guarantee you will improve your character, become a better you, as well as change the world around you!

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