What’s the Drag Factor score of your favorite politician, another political candidate or the news media outlet you watch the most?

Based on one’s character, a Drag Factor(DF) score determines if a person (or group) is a NUMAWIT or a HAVEIT.

The higher their DF score, the more likely they’re a NUMAWIT. Such a determination reveals one of poor character, and these persons may not be trustworthy!

How high is your Drag Factor Score?

We don’t really have to vote for the lesser of two evils in the 2016 Presidential race! Moses didn’t….

However, the Children of Israel thought that was their only choice. After having fled Egypt with Moses toward the Red Sea, it seemed to them that it would be wiser to go back and be slaves (the lesser evil) rather than be killed (the greater evil) by Pharaoh’s army who was bearing down on them. Moses had more faith than that. He talked with God, who told him to wave his hand over the sea—which caused the sea to part—and Moses and the Children of Israel escaped through the sea on dry ground. The rest is history.

Are Christians so religiously debilitated that when we say we believe in God that we don’t really believe he’ll give us something better than the lesser of two evils?

Had the Children of Israel had their way, they would have chosen the lesser of two evils. Are we going to do as the Children of Israel wanted to do, by voting for the lesser of two evils? Or are we going to depend on God who has the power to bless us (his children). Faith in God certainly has the possibility of getting us through the symbolic Red Sea  of our day—and that will certainly be a better choice than Trump or Clinton.

We may not know what our “Red Sea) will look like, but the Children of Israel didn’t know either. Yet, they rather celebrated big time when they walked through the that sea on dry ground and then looked back to see the water close in and drown Pharaoh’s army.

Are we going to shoot for a miracle or are we simply going to shoot ourselves. Those who have sufficient faith will go for a miracle and ask God for a third option. Perhaps that would be Evan McMullin, a late entrant from Utah, who has entered the presidential race.

Trump Breaks The Record For Highest “NUMAWIT” Score… and that is saying a lot. That score gives him the highest NUMAWIT score of anyone we’ve ever scored. Sixty (60) is the highest possible score and Trump is now at Fifty-Eight (58)! Of course, that score is our personal rendition of how we see him. Perhaps you don’t agree with that score? If not, score him yourself by downloading our FREE PDF Scoring Chart!

WHY AREN’T FOX NEWS ANCHORS GIVING REPRESENTATION TO 60%  (as of this date) OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS……so that when they say Trump leads the field with delegates that they also mention that approximately 60% of the republican voters won’t vote for Trump. I guess FOX doesn’t care if those of us in the 60% category aren’t represented in their news stories. As a true principled conservative, I am very disappointed with FOX news. Is FOX becoming another NBC, CBS or ABC? I used to enjoy FOX, but now, not so much.

And to Hannity, why do you go after those who use the delegate system that’s been set up for the last 100 years—and not Trump for getting more than his fair share of the delegates? In other words, why don’t you criticize the system for giving Trump more than his fair share of delegates? If Trump (and you Hannity) believed in the true democracy that you desire of the system (and of Cruz), and were principled conservatives that you say you are, you would want to give Cruz and the other candidates their voter (populist) percentage of the delegates—instead of taking all of the present “system” delegates that Trump has.

While most FOX commentators will occasionally make a meager attempt to mention our above points, their efforts are indeed meager. Their bias shows up big time when their eyes light up, their words quicken with energy and they present Trump campaign points with great gusto. Sorry FOX, but I believe you are after a bigger audience more than you want to be fair and balanced. And perhaps most FOX commentators more pro-Trump than any other candidate?

What do Geraldo Rivera and Donald Trump Have in Common? Arroganarcism?

This is true, both men are arroganarcs!! What is such a thing? From our eBook, “BEFORE CROSSING OVER To The Other Side,” (BCO) the short definition is this:

arroganarc [arr o gan arc] (adjective): 1) one of the defining terms of a NUMAWIT (an acronym); Aroganarc is a BCO-invented blend word that combines the two character traits of arrogant and narcissism (nahr suh siz em) into one word; 2) A vain-glory self-lover. This word, arroganarc, and all other related forms of this word, are neologistic.

For FREE INFORMATION, read the first two chapters of BCO here. For more information purchase BCO while you are there and look at a longer discussion in the NUMAWIT section of Appendix A.

[Definition of Neologistic: a new word, meaning, usage, or phrase or the introduction or use of new words or new senses of existing words.

Quote from “Before Crossing Over…to the Other Side” Candidate Challenge:

The composition of a person’s character is the sum total of the multiple, mini-traits within; thus, if we focus on improving these “inner” traits and strive to treat others with more acceptance, commitment, benevolence, empathy, competence and temperance each day of our lives, we will possess the criteria for a highly rewarded entrance—before crossing over—into the next life.

If the 2016 political candidates would strive to do the above they would be able to pass through their “end of life” Pearly Gate without any trepidation. Do we wonder which one should fear the most when passing through that gate? Let’s see, which one would that be? Perhaps someone who bullies, manipulates, punishes and is thin skinned? This person would also likely be found to be an arroganarc!


Voting responsibilities: Vote only for persons of good character. If necessary, write a worthy candidate’s name in rather than choosing the lessor of two evils. To do the latter is the same as selling your soul to the devil!

Remember, you are simply looking for persons of good character. If there is no one of good character, running for an office, you must still vote. That may require writing in someone’s name—obviously, choose someone who is of good character.

The above information is from the eBook “Before Crossing Over… to the other side!” (eBook: “Before Crossing Over…,” Tidbits #8, A Voting Guide).

FOR THE RECORD: Checkout our Cruz, Rubio, Kasich & Trump NUMMIE scores here! Who has the HIGHEST CHARACTER Marks?

Using our Pleasant Relationships DOWNLOAD PAGE, ITEM 2. , we come up with the following nummie Drag Factor point results: Trump—52; Cruz—20; Rubio—24; Kasich—23.

Because Trump went over the Daily Drag Factor Score cut-off (33 points), he is a nummie and as such cannot qualify to be a havvie. Don’t ever vote for a nummie unless they are the lessor of two evils. However, the other three qualified as havvies because their individual scores were less than 33.

Using our Pleasant Relationships Download Page, above, we continued on with the Savvy Factor Scores of the remaining three: Cruz—49; Rubio—39; Kasich—43. Cruz wins our vote from the simple deduction that he scored the highest havvie score.

Our results were based on a study of each candidate’s record from their debate remarks and other known actions and remarks that are of public record. It has been said (in our eBook, “BEFORE CROSSING OVER to the Other Side (BCO),” that we should only vote after we make a diligent havvie effort to study the records of the candidates running for office. Emotional Voting (EV) should disqualify a person from voting. What is EV? EV is when you vote for a person because you like what they said without ever doing a study of their character. Read the BCO eBook and then use the Drag and Savvy Factor scoring chart to see who you should vote for!

You can read the first two Chapters of “Before Crossing Over…” for free by CLICKING HERE and then CLICKING on item 1. .





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