NOTE: Chapters 1 and 2, in our eBook (The Depurator), will be intermingled with the contents of the following letter from Edward and Mary to Jonathan MyMc:

February 21, 2022
Jonathan MyMc Kaerlion
7 MyMc Manor, Glasgow, Scotland

Dear Jonathan,

It was so good to see you last Saturday. Our childhood days in Martin Valley were so idealistic and fun, and it sure brought back great memories to meet with you once again. Our early teen explorations, thanks to you, were so amazing! In fact, if I were to try and relate our adventures to someone not involved, I’m sure I wouldn’t be believable. It’s so amazing that it all started in our own little rural valley.

As promised, we’ve never told anyone about the childhood confidences you shared with us. Thank you for entrusting Mary and me in our first encounter of your “pearly gate.” That initial experience left us in awe and was the most inspiring thing we have ever experienced. I’ll never forget Mary and me chasing after you in my family’s back pasture and literally watching you disappear right before our eyes!

When you vanished, we exclaimed to each other at the same time, “How can it be?” I remember Mary looking at me—probably as I appeared to her—with a mouth-open smile of astonishment. I guess we were too young to understand the significance of what we had just witnessed. Before we could get our wits about us, the light and gate simultaneously reappeared, and you stepped back through the gate as if from another world. As you and your father planned, you escorted us through the pearly gate several times that summer, where we learned so much so fast!

It makes a lot of sense that the most essential thing we can learn in this life is to perfect the love we have for others. As per your request, I have written the attached eBook concerning human relationships, and have named it “Pleasant Relationships, A Character Guide” (PR). I send it to you for your examination and final approval.

As you advised, I included only the basics of what we learned that summer, when you took us to the “other side” of the pearly gate—to Astral. Jonathan, I tried to include all that that we learned, yet I’m not as good with words, grammar and the likes as you are. Of course, per my own imperfections I have added some satire, speculation and a laughable point here and there. Sorry about that! If I ever become the WITHIT that you are, I’m sure I will be less of a tease and more serious about this life.

One awesome thing is that it only took me about six months to complete PR! It seems as if something far beyond my own intellect helped me write it that fast. With the eBook written, we are ready for the next item on your agenda. We will soon start a “righteous” guild for qualified HAVEITs here in our community–in preparation for the beginning of our trek to Astral. As requested, I hope to have at least a thousand reliable associates by the time you return to help us with our relocation.

We understand you have a lot to accomplish, Jonathan, before our journey to Astral. Nevertheless, we’re hopeful you will return as soon as possible. We desperately need your protection from a falling-apart, violent world! The world we have now is nothing close to what it once was. Only a few months ago, when we met you in your old stomping grounds, there was still relatively peaceful conditions compared to now.

After visiting with you, we realize now why you had us meet with you in your old childhood neighborhood in the northwest. It was good to see some of the historical locations where your pioneer ancestors first lived and discovered the pearly oval ring portals! To have personally seen those sites gives us a better vision of you and your father’s life objectives. We’re sorry that your effort to show us around was disrupted by that street gang.

Yet, you surely made those scrubby thugs look very foolish as you stepped back and forth through your pearly gate, bopping them on the nose from in front, and then disappearing from right before their eyes to reappear behind them, give a couple of them a good kick in the rear, and then disappear again. That was all pretty funny; however, I’m sure glad you were there with us. It would have been our demise had you not!

When you see your father again, tell him how much we love and miss him. He surely uncovered the most major key to the universe when he discovered the pearly “portals” and how to create a unique variety of similar gateways. Not to mention, it’s really indescribable the way their beautiful, soft-bright, twinkling lights simultaneously appear at the same time they appear.

From your recent correspondence we’ve learned that your father has now created a totally new type of pearly gate. From the way you described it, it seems as though he has produced a type of chemical depuration (purification) that can remove all adulterated NUMAWIT thoughts from a person’s physical mind. Additionally, we understand that you now know how to perform that process yourself. Jonathan that makes you The Depurator! We look forward to your quick return and our departure to Astral.

With Anticipation and Warm Regards,

Edward and Mary Ramsey

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Pleasant relationships can be
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