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Who: Barbara McReynolds is the owner of PleasantRelationships.Com, the eBook–Before Crossing Over… (BCO) and all subsidiary companion websites.  Barbara’s husband, Jon, is her VMS (Volunteer   Manager & Spokesman)!

There is also a Mysterious Author (MA) and his/her Participating Assistant (PA), both of whom readers may never know. Yet, you can learn more about them, especially the author MA, in the “About The Author of BCO.

What: First, BCO is a serious, but not so serious, satire.  Further, it is a straight-forward reading eBook that helps readers to analyze their own character, as well as the character of others. It also offers suggestions for self-improvement, as well as other character scrutinizing strategies.  For example, in Chapter 4 of BCO, you are given a questionnaire that determines to which character group you belong.  Read more about that questionnaire and those groups here.

BCO quickly teaches its readers what type of character they should strive to become in order to have pleasant relationships with others. They also learn how to make wise decisions about with whom to seek a pleasant relationship.

PhotoRepose.Com, a companion website of PR augments the total sophistication of any relationship by adding beauty to one’s surroundings at home or his/her place of business. This “peaceful photo repose gallery” offers elegance and serenity through its quality landscape prints. Photo framing is also available, allowing clientele to purchase beautiful finished end products.

When: PhotoRepose.Com—2006 to present; PleasantRelationships.Com—New in 2011.

Why: Why should you trust that you will benefit from BCO in any manner? Because you are allowed to “test drive” a portion of this book prior to purchasing it. The free information available in the download will make the remainder too tempting. You will learn more about character traits in BCO than in all other similar books combined. This eBook is a must for a society that is searching for self-esteem, quality friendships and more.

Moreover, BCO is mandatory for singles searching for a partner, or for marrieds whose relationships are suffering. Written in lay language, readers will understand and enjoy the satire and the savvy advice offered.

Jon and Barbara, the Hikers!

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